Questions About Fort Ticonderoga

In which year was Fort Ticonderoga built?
Fort Ticonderoga was built in the year 1775.

Whose idea was it to build a fort?
It was French Governor-General Vaudreuil's idea to build the fort that would protect the French from the invading British.

Which country built the fort?
The fort was built by the French and called Fort Carillon. It was renamed Fort Ticonderoga after a nearby village when it was captured by the British.

What shape was the fort?
The fort is rectangular, with a triangular shape at each of its corners. Also, the fort was equipped with two demi - lunes, to the side and back of the fort, which were designed to help protect the fort in an invasion.

Why is Fort Ticonderoga shaped the way it is?
The fort's two demi - lunes provide protection to the West and the North of the fort. The triangular shaped corner of the fort gave a place for troops to easily attack from both sides..

Where is the fort located?
Fort Ticonderoga is located in Upstate New York between Lake George and Lake Champlain.

Did the topography of the area on which the fort is located make it easy to defend?
Being located on Lake Champlain made it easy to defend. It would be difficult to attack from the water. If the troops did manage to get around to the back of the fort, they would be easily shot from the demi - lunes.

What was Fort Ticonderoga made of?
The Fort was built of logs and stabilized with dried mud, but was later covered with stone quaried nearby.

Why did they choose to build Fort Ticonderoga in New York?
The French built the fort In New York to protect their fur trading highways. Also the fort was built beside Lake Champlain, which made it easy to defend.

Why did they build the Fort?
The French built the fort in order to protect the water highways that served their fur trade network.

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